Our Chalk Paints

Annie began to feel a growing sense of dissatisfaction with the range of decorative paints available. What she longed for was a product that made painting an absolute pleasure, that was easy to work with, environmentally friendly, and allowed the user to be creative....and so she headed to the lab to her design the perfect paint.

Annie says, "I disliked the complete uniformity of off-the-shelf paint. I wanted to create an artisan product that could be used in a whole variety of ways: with texture, or a smoother finish. One that would work as well when used like a wash, as when applied thickly.'

What came out of that time in the lab was the now deservedly famous Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. In future posts, we'll be looking at the huge number of ways of working with our Chalk Paints, as well as looking in more details about the colour range that Annie created.

One of the huge advantages of the Chalk Paints is that furniture does not need to be sanded and primed before the paint is applied, saving hours of back-breaking, laborious and dirty work. They are also fast-drying, which means a piece of furniture can be started and finished within day.

Another aspect of the paints which makes them incredibly versatile is that they can be painted on literally any surface...and they stick. They work as well on wood as they do on melamine, metal, and even glass.

Possibilities are endless....